How To Take A Great Group Selfie

Let’s face it, it shouldn’t be hard to take a group selfie but very often it never comes out like you’d hoped and as soon as you’ve snapped everyone has moved away and the moment is over.

So here’s our 7 top tips for getting the perfect group selfie.

Selfie Tips and Tricks

  • 1 - Someone take charge!

    A selfie is about capturing the moment and if everyone is deciding where they want to stand, who they want to stand next to, whether they are all holding drinks or some other props, the moment can be lost. So someone needs to take charge. Not in a drill sergeant kind of way but just someone putting people in the right place to get the best shot.

    Take Charge
  • 2 - Find the best light

    Ok so you’re not Spielberg or Scorsese and your selfie could turn really gruesome if you try to be a Tarantino! But you must take lighting into account before you click the shutter. Find the best light to make sure everyone is evenly lit instead of some of your group being left in the shadows. This is usually from the front b ut avoid direct bright sunlight otherwise you may be left with a group squintie instead of a selfie! Oh and one more thing.... try not to use the flash if you can help it.

    Best Light
  • 3 - Find a background if you can

    Now we know it’s not always possible. Selfies are usually impromptu events taken in the moment. However, if you can, take a quick scan of your surroundings and see if there is a background which will show your group off in the best way. People wearing different coloured clothes can blend into multi-coloured backdrops. So be creative. There are naturally occurring backgrounds such as sky, grass, water that can really help your composition. Even the nearest wall can make your group stand out from the background.

    Find a Background
  • 4 - Ready Steady...

    ”Are we going on the 3 of one two three or after the three?” We’re back to someone taking charge here. Make sure everyone knows when the photo will be taken so you can capture that perfect shot.

    Ready Steady
  • 5 - Create an angle

    Sometimes you can add interest to your selfie just by changing the angle. Of course, straight on is very often the best shot but experiment with high shots and low shots. The option of a selfie stick can really help create some interesting angles and dynamics.

    Create an Angle
  • 6 - Keep snapping!

    Sometimes the best shot isn’t the one you were trying to get so snap as many as you can to try and catch that off guard moment, the interesting face or glance between people. You never know, you may even be joined by unplanned for guests such as animals or even the scourge of selfies, the photo bomber!

    Keep Snapping
  • 7 - Group selfies don’t have to just be people

    We are a nation of animal lovers so don’t be afraid to bring your pets or working animals into the picture. They are as much a part of your life as your friends and family so make sure you capture that special relationship between you.

    Include Everyone

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