Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I place an order ?
    • There are two ways to place an order. You can either locate the product or service you wish to purchase and you will then be directed to your nearest store. Or you can locate your nearest store first by using the FIND YOUR NEAREST STORE search box at the top of the screen.
    • Find A Store
  • Can I change my order ?
    • Unfortunately, not. Due to the dynamic nature of our ordering system your order becomes live once you submit it. In certain circumstances we may be able to help so we suggest giving us a call quoting your order reference number. You can contact us via the methods listed at the foot of this page.
  • What payment methods do you accept ?
    • All Kodak Express online stores accept the following payment methods;
    • • Visa / Delta / Electron
      • MasterCard / Eurocard
      • Maestro
      • American Express.
    • Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.
    • You can also pay via PayPal if you have an active PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account but would like to set one up you can visit
  • How do I get my order ?
    • We offer a CLICK and COLLECT service for all orders. For certain orders you will be able to opt for a home delivery service dependent on the contents of your order.
    • As well as receiving an e-mail notification that your order has been placed, you will also receive an e-mail notification that your order is ready for collection.
  • How soon will I receive my order?
    • The majority of products will be ready for store collection or delivered within 4 working days.
    • Orders which contain only prints should be available for pick up from store much quicker. Some stores even offer a same day service.
    • If you have any queries about your products will be available for collection then please contact the store via any of the methods found at the bottom of each page.
  • Do you offer other products or services in addition to those I can order online ?
    • Most Kodak Express stores offer a wide variety of products and services. Details of these can be found by clicking the STORE SERVICES tab at the top of the page.
    • Store Services
  • Do you offer a passport and I.D photo service ?
    • Yes, we do! We can produce your Passport and Photo I.D. prints in-store while you wait.
  • If my order is being delivered, can I select a different address ?
    • Yes you can enter a different delivery address at the time of ordering.
  • If there is a problem with my order, what do I do ?
    • If you’re collecting in-store then we suggest you look at your items before leaving and address any issues with the store owner. If your order has been delivered store via any of the methods shown at the foot of the page. Please note that for personalised products or prints, there must be a physical defect for us to look at a replacement. Unfortunately, we cannot replace items because they didn’t come out as you’d hoped because the products have no re-sale value.
  • Can I re-use images i've uploaded and uses on a previoous project?
    • Yes you can. If you have ordered from us before your images will be stored in your account for you to use on other projects. You can also add new photos too!
  • Are my photos and projects saved ?
    • To comply with data protection best practice we will from time to time remove unused images and projects from our system. These rules are different dependent on whether you have created an account or using the site as a guest. In general terms the rules;
    • As a Guest.
      • If you have signed in as a guest your projects will be deleted after 3 days of inactivity.
    • As an Account Holder
      • If you have signed into your account your unsaved projects will be deleted after 7 days.
      • Any projects which you completed but did not order will be deleted after 90 days.
      • Any images you have uploaded but not ordered as prints or used in any projects will be deleted after 90 days
  • What is the auto enhance feature I can see when I'm about to place an order ?
    • Auto Enhance is a special feature which will ask you if you’d like us to automatically and intelligently enhance the colour, sharpness and exposure of your images. Remember it is your choice to use it. Whilst we expect the images to be improved, we cannot be held responsible if they are not to your liking.
    • Auto Enhance Images
  • There is a warning exclamation mark on some of my images ?
    • This is another helpful feature which will let you know if the resolution of your image is too low for the project you want to use it in. For instance, a lower resolution image may be fine if you want to print it as a 6 x 4 photo but not high enough if you want to print it as a 12 x 10. The warning appears as soon as the software feels the image is not suitable for the project you are creating.
    • Low Resolution Warning
  • Can I make any amends to my images once I have uploaded them ?
    • At present you can crop your images or turn your coloured image into a black and white image. You will find these options by clicking the small arrow which appears on each of your photos when you are creating a project. As new features are added they will appear under the arrow so keep checking!
    • Low Resolution Warning
  • In what file formats can I upload my images ?
    • This depends on what type of products you want to order but in general terms you can upload images in the following formats;
    • RGB / JPG / PNG
      (Please note that PNG files must not contain an alpha channel)
    • For fully editable products such as some Photo Books you can also upload images in JPG and TIFF file formats. Remember that you will not be able to use images uploaded in these formats for all future projects.
  • Can I place order to collect from a variety of stores ?
    • Unfortunately once you have selected your favoured store your account will be locked into it. You can create another account using a different e-mail address and choose another store as your favoured store for that specific account.
    • This stops customers accidentally placing orders for collection in stores too far away from their location.
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